Rahul Jha

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Hello, Welcome

I'm Rahul Jha

I'm a full stack developer who loves to code and translating problem's solutions into working prototytpe is what I'm good at

About Me

I'm a Computer Science grad, graduated in 2022 and started my professional journey from year 2020 as an Android App developer. Hard works always pay off and so does mine, I'm a fast learner and switching between different tech stack and language is something I'm good at.


1 Years

Jetpack Compose

Android UI development with clean code pattern and seperation of concern with losely coupled code

2 Years


Backend development using FastAPI module, Google Translation, Document conversion codes

2 Years


Web Development using React.js, Mobile development using React-native

1 Years


Backend development with Gin and Go Fiber library

4 Years


Developed extensive UI in android studio using XML

1 Years

Mongo DB

Real-time DB

4 Years



4 Years



2 Years



4 Years


Real-time DB

My Experiences

Here are the list of professional experiences which I hold, from each of these companies, I have learned a lot and want to thanks all the recruiters who considered me.

March 2024 - Present


Johnson Health Tech North America

I've joined Johnson Health Tech North America as an SDE-II, and currently I'm working on multiple projects which are varying from Android, iOS (Native codebase) to ReactNative and Frontend [React.js] projects.

April 2023 - Present

Sr. Software Eng.

Pegasus Infocorp

I've joined Pegasus Infocorp as a Sr. Software Engineer, and currently I'm working on multiple projects which are varying from Android, iOS (Native codebase) to ReactNative and Frontend [React.js] projects.

Nov 2019 - April 2023

Principal Software Eng.


I handled and managed multiple divisions i.e. Frontend, Backend, Testing, and UI and reported directly to CTO and CEO, along with that, I also did coding in all area i.e. Frontend [React.js, ReactNative, Android(Kotlin), iOS(Swift)] and Backend [Python(FastAPI), Golang(Gin and Go Fiber), Node.js], did a bit of code testing in Android using JUnit and backend response testing with pytest. Wrote an Android application that can let you manage your classroom with ease along with a video conferencing platform that were developed using Socket.io library and Agora.

Feb 2020 - April 2023

Founder & CEO


I founded Softo-Corp with an ambition to build a platform where delivering user requirements with ease and an ecosystem for all the team member who were part of it to grow proportionally without any blockage. We created a classroom handling application where attendance, announcement, class students and faculty data can be seen and handled accordingly, post that I've personally worked on Buzzerr-Buzz it now and Priscripto Sender (V1 and V2), I had to shut it down due to credit crunches and vision mismatch of all the founding members

Contact Me

If you're someone who is looking to get their business running on digital platform and want website or mobile app to be made accordingly, then worry no more and contact me, believe me you'll never regret :)

Address: Shri Ganesh Appt., Brahmanand Nagar, Kamatghar, Bhiwandi: 421302, Dist: Thane

Phone: +918655921578

Email: Rahulj.rj642@gmail.com

Rahul Jha

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